Tummy Tuck, Naples


Tummy Tuck in Naples or Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that can have health benefits In addition to the positive life changes that occur after the procedure.

Tightening of the fascia on top of the abdominal muscles can significantly improve back pain by improving posture. In addition, reduction of excess fatty tissue can improve cardiac output (improve the heart), balance the insulin levels (glucose level is lower), and in some patients bladder control as been reported to be improved.

Abdominoplasty in Naples has significant medical health benefits, the positive physical well being of less excess stomach tissue can increase activity levels, and add self empowerment.

The burden of trying to find clothing to hide areas of ones body, and being uncomfortable with ones on appearance, is a burden that women should not have to bear. Feeling happy, healthy, and confident with ones appearance is one of the most valuable and important part of a contented life.

Not all tummy tucks are the same. Dr. Elizabeth Fox performs the Brazilian Abdominoplasty in Naples which not only reduces excess skin and fatty tissue, but also reduces waist size by performing an internal corset, and she also does extra tightening of the lower abdomen.

Most patients are able to return to work in one week. Our postoperative course is much improved by the use of a pain pump that infuses small areas with local lidocaine . This results in a much faster postoperative recovery.

Anesthesia for a Tummy Tuck in Naples is performed in our AAAA ambulatory surgery center utilizing local IV sedation for the case. Propofol, is used so that there is significantly less nausea , and much faster recovery than general anesthesia. Patients can wake from the procedure within 5 minutes. We find it a safe, and pleasant form of anesthesia that does not require intubation (a tube helping one breathe during anesthesia).

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