Breast Lift, Naples

One of the most important goals of a breast lift in Naples,FL(see before and after photos) is to return the fullness of the upper breast to a younger state, and to have cleavage similar to our younger years.

There are several ways to accomplish this. If ones breasts are large enough then what is called autologous breast lift can be accomplished. Mastopexy in Naples,FL is the technical term for a breast lift. Using the excess breast tissue at the lower part of the breast to enhance the upper part of the breast. Sometimes one can avoid an implant, and have a very natural youthful breast appearance.

The good news about breast lifts in Naples, FL is that there is very little discomfort postoperatively. One can return to work in as little as 3 days.

Sometimes patient’s are concerned about the scars of the breast lift procedure. The vertical scar, the one patient’s ask about before the surgery, heals quite well, and in some patients the scar can be barely visible.

Projection and the elevation of the breast lets women feel improvement of back discomfort, and feel youthful again.

Breast lifts with augmentation

Often, after children, and as one gets older, the breast tissue succumbs to gravity, loss of dense breast tissue, and loss of the elasticity of breast skin. A breast augmentation with a lift can give projection, and upper pole fullness. The augmentation is under the muscle. Return to work usually is one week as the body needs to get used to the subpectoral (under the muscle) implant. Implant choices can be several. Dr. Elizabeth Fox believes in the smooth implants which have a softer feel. In addition we use the “gummy bear” breast implants by Mcghan called Naturelle, and Mentor.

High profile breast implants also add a better contour, and the choice of the perfect diameter implant, and breast lift in Naples,FL by Dr. Elizabeth Fox then leads to a breast with beautiful cleavage.

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