Sharlene W.   —- Dr. Fox has been a huge blessing to me! For years I have been searching for great skin care and have been disappointed every time. I really struggled with acne and oily skin my whole life. Being in the entertainment industry, your skin is a very important part of the package. Dr. Fox was compassionate, understanding and helpful. The products and regime that she recommended has literally transformed my skin! I look 10 years younger!!! Now I have beautiful, youthful, glowing skin….and the best part…everyday!!! I would recommend Dr. Fox because she cares about what you care about!


Tracy P. —- Dr. Fox is an amazing surgeon.  I am thrilled with the results of my procedure and she made me feel comfortable every step of the way.  Also, Dr. Fox is very thorough in explaining the procedure and healing process that put me at ease.


Bonnie H. —- Dr. Fox is the best plastic surgeon around!! I have had several surgeries and various fillers through the years and I am very happy. I have been with her about 7 years now and would not think of going to anyone else. Life is about feeling and looking your best and she helps reach those goals. She has a true interest in the concerns a person has and always advises the best treatment or options.I highly recommend her!!!!


Aprile C. —- Dr. Fox is amazing person inside and out! She takes her time and actually listens to you and any concerns that you might have. She corrected what another plastic surgeon messed up on me. Not only did she correct it but she went above and beyond to make any scars I might have disappear. She is not a doctor with the “next: mentality. You know she actually cares about you! If your looking for a plastic surgeon STOP you found the best one!


Ron R. —- Dr. Fox came across as extremely knowledgeable and has a caring way about her. As a physician myself, I appreciated the time she spent with me and the fact that she outlined all the treatment options, as well as the pros and the cons to these options. The office is just amazing… State of the Art.  I would highly recommend Dr. Fox and would recommend that you at least set up a consultation before making any decisions about what Cosmetic Surgeon you might chose.   Thanks Dr. Fox!


Lisa G. —- Naples is full of funny looking lips and over botoxed faces. My girlfriends and I like to look around at a cocktail party at our club and comment on the fillers or plastic surgery jobs of other women.
I was talking to one new member who looked about ten years younger than me ( I’m 65) and I said” I don’t know what possesses these women to do this to themselves!!” Then her answered startled me. Remember I thought she was 55. She actually was 72. And she said … The trick is to find a plastic surgeon who knows how to do this in correct proportion so you can get what I call sneaky plastic surgeon procedures. No one will know not even husbands. Dr E Fox is who she has been going to for years. So my idea of plastic surgery has changed. I am now a filler patient of Dr Fox and get radiesse once a year. No one knows why I look younger every year. I tell them it’s tennis. ;))


Dylan M. —- I am a newly divorced woman who has had 3 children, works out often and eats right. But I never could get rid of my extra skin and that pooch below my belly button.

When I went to Dr Fox I didn’t know if I should get a tummy tuck , mini tummy tuck or just Lipo. We ended up doing a mini tummy tuck with Lipo. I am now wearing a bikini which I have not done for 12 years. I feel great about myself. Such an important decision for my life. Dr Fox also did a  felt that my safety was so important to her. She even gives her patients her cell phone number for after hours. I won’t ever go to anyone but her.

Kathy V. —- Fabulous plastic surgeon.  Don’t go anywhere else if you want excellent results.  I couldn’t be happier with my facelift.  Her skills are far superior than any results I have seen from any other plastic surgeon in any state.

Kathy S. — Dr. Fox has done a remarkable job on me.  I have been going to her for approximately 6 years and she has done multiple procedures over that time.  Facelift, lipo, fat transfer and only go to her for my botox and fillers.  It is a very beautiful and relaxing office with a wonderful facility with great around the clock nurses if you have a procedure done that requires  a few days of healing.  It has always been a wonderful experience for me.  Her delicate  hands left no bruising after my facelift or a lot of swelling.  I have had friends who have gone to other doctors who look like a truck hit them for weeks.  I had none of that.  I wish I had found her years ago.


Rob D. —- About  6 months ago, my wife told me she was considering a face lift and wanted to know what I thought.   I was adamant the answer is no!  I didn’t want my wife looking fake and stretchy. I’d rather her face have wrinkles than look different than herself. Then she suggested just a neck lift and I thought, ok, we might as well explore the options. We made an appointment for a consultation and Dr. Fox explained the procedures, recovery time, etc. She was very detailed and took the time to answer all our questions. Needless to say after talking to Dr Fox I was no longer worried about my wife looking anything but herself, only younger.  Here is the funny part; I decided to get a face lift too. Now, we both not only look younger but we feel younger. I am very open about my face lift to my golf buddies and I think two have booked appointments with Dr Fox. It should be fun to see them afterwards.


Lisa M. —- I had a facelift by dr Fox 7 years ago and I still look amazing. I look at my friends who went to another surgeon and I look so so much better. Dr Fox made me feel comfortable having surgery. She even gave me her home phone number so I would feel always in touch with her as I am healing. My husband who is a retired cardiac surgeon thinks Dr Fox is the best!! I am thrilled. I’m going to have her do my breast lift and tummy tuck next!


Angelia M. —- I had surgery with Dr Fox 4 months ago. I am a nurse and worked for a plastic surgeon for 10 years before moving to Fl. I am so very happy with my results, after having two c-sections, I really needed a tummy tuck. Dr.Fox is very caring with her patients, she gave me all the time I needed during my consult to answer questions. The staff are great, they all are so friendly and so easy to talk to. I now have the stomach I have always wanted, and a smaller waist too! I actually have less lower back pain from many years of nursing and a great looking tummy. I truly wish all Doctors were as cautious, concerned, and protective with their patients as Dr Fox. She just goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect. I have to agree with “Christina W.” the after care facility is wonderful………..

what a great way to recover, a beautiful room, great food and some of the best nurses ever. I felt so pampered, safe and my Dr right there if needed. It was a great experience and if you are going to have surgery, you want a skilled surgeon, attentive staff and really good follow up care. Dr Fox provided me with all of this. Thank you so much Dr Fox, your the best.


AI V. —- Wonderful experience! I had my surgery and everything went as planned. Doctor Fox has great bedside manner, thoroughly explained the procedure and I now understand why she is so booked. Well worth it. She made me very comfortable and reassured me every step of the way. I would highly recommend her and I will be bringing other friends and family to her.

Christina W. —- I found everyone to be really friendly and helpful. I had some particular concerns due to a previous brain tumor but Dr. Fox addressed my concerns and gave me the confidence I needed to go ahead with my face and neck lift. I took a “leap of faith” with Dr. Fox and I am very glad I did. I am very happy with my results and their overnight facility is exceptional.


Lilia G. —- Very Happy! I had a breastlift and tummytuck by Dr.Fox last year and I couldn’t be happier.  I never had a waist before surgery, even in my twenties. Dr.Fox did a phenomenal job, she is very caring and explained everything that would happen during my recovery.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a little nip and tuck!


Chad M. —- Very Satisfied! I had a facelift by Dr.Fox and then a month later I had a hair transplant.  I was very surprised how smooth the whole procedure was.  I stayed overnight for two nights after surgery and the recovery was easier than I expected.  Dr.Fox was great, she is very knowledgable and caring.  I would  highly reccomend her.


Ward G. —- There are way too many accolades for me to express about Dr. Fox’s talents and professionalism.  I  had a male facelift, and I have received numerous compliments from fellow professionals and aquaintances.  I don’t believe you will ever find a better plastic surgeon than Dr. Elizabeth L. Fox.  Thank you, Dr. Fox.


Barb F. —- Dr.Fox is a gifted artist!  I could not be happier with my plastic surgery results.  I had a considerable anxiety about the procedures that I was having but Dr.Fox and her very capable staff were patient, helpful and educational, addressing all of my concerns.  Dr.Fox’s accredited office-based surgical facility is a huge convenience too.  Following my procedures the doctor’s follow up visits greatly aided my healing and rapid recovery! You cannot select a better cosmetic surgeon than Dr.Fox!


Lynn A. —- After overhearing four women with flawless skin quietly discuss who kept them looking so beautiful, I was inspired to seek out Dr. Fox’s services.  I am so pleased I did.  She’s a perfectionist, takes great care with her patients …and I look YEARS younger.  Thank you Doctor Fox!


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