Radiesse Injections, Naples

Radiesse is the longest lasting FDA approved tissue filler available in the United States. Consistantly, Radiesse Injections in Naples improves facials lines for a year or longer. Dr. Elizabeth Fox, one of the Radiesse Medical Faculty, was chosen for her prowess at placement of the tissue filler in nasolabial folds, lip lines, marionette lines, lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, chin augmentation, correction of nasal defects, and improvement of jaw line and mandibular border. Radiesse has asked her to teach her technique to physician’s and have sent her to Tampa, San Diego, Tucson, San Francisco, and locally to share her knowledge.

The benefits of Radiesse Injections in Naples can be seen immediately with minimal downtime. Usually, a dinner party the next day is a practical plan after a Radiesse treatment. Dr. Elizabeth Fox performs this with a gentle dental block, and then fills all important lines to give an overall more youthful appearance. She doesn’t simply fill in a line. She does rejuvenate with the knowledge of placement, which can lift, and also turn up the corners of downturned mouths. Usually each treatment uses 2.6 cc of Radiesse.

Radiesse is perfect for the quick rejuvenation. Results are not the same as a facelift, however, sometimes it comes close in younger women. Patients often come for Radiesse before a wedding, school reunion, or a special trip with friends.

One of the most important benefits of Radiesse is the improvement of lip lines and fullness of the lips. As we age the slight pouty lips of the youth is reduced, our corners of our mouth turns down giving the appearance of sadness, or anger or fatigue. Facial fillers in Naples can reverse the aging of the lips naturally.

Some patients ask how Restylene compares with Radiesse. Restylene lasts approximately 4 months, requires more cc’s to get the same effect, and can’t improve the corners of the mouth or the marionette lines to the same level as Radiesse.

It is very important to mention that lip enlargement can be performed naturally and beautifully without at all having the appearance of fake, excessively large lips.

Radiesse Injections in Naples is an excellent choice for the busy woman who wants to maintain her looks while having an active lifestyle.

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