Fat Implantation

Fat Implantation in Naples is a great way to permanently restore facial volume lost with advancing age. Dr. Elizabeth Fox can perform fat injections in Naples to plump up areas in need of rejuvenation.  Fat can be used as a permanent facial filler to augment cheek bones, restore volume to lips, fill in nasolabial folds ( lines from your nose to your mouth), marionette lines ( lines from the corners of your mouth downward toward your chin), and enhance the jaw line.  Elizabeth Fox, MD can place some fat at the corners of your mouth to eliminate a down turning mouth which makes others percieve you as tired or angry. (See Before and After Images)

Fat is a natural body tissue, therefore it provides smooth, natural results.  The fat is harvested by way of liposuction, then it is treated, the oils removed and finally it is injected as a tissue graft.  Because it is a tissue graft there is between 40%-100% take.  At Fox Plastic Surgery Center we have pretty fabulous results because Dr.Elizabeth Fox uses pure fat that is not diluted with tumescent fluid, also she injects the fat grafts quickly therefore we have a better percentage take than the average surgeon.

With fat implantation in Naples there is little to no post-op pain, you have an easy recovery and can quickly return to normal activities.  Fat is usually harvested from the tummy or inner knees.  You may have slight bruising at the injection sites which can be minimized if you apply ice packs to the face after surgery. 

If you are not yet ready for a facelift, Dr.Elizabeth Fox can perform fat injections to fill in the lines from your nose to your mouth, plump up the lips and permanently reduce wrinkles. All the celebrities do fat injections before facelifts to get that youthful, rested look with minimal down time.   It is a great procedure to fill in more than just lines, but restore facial volume for the refreshed, natural look you want.  

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