Hair Transplant in Naples, FL

Patients have such wonderful social positive feedback after their Hair Transplant in Naples, FL at Fox Plastic Surgery Center.

An excellent hair transplant center such as Fox Plastic Surgery Center has the following characteristics: ability to perform a high number of hair grafts per setting, microscopic one hair grafts, multiple assistants devoted to doing hair transplants only.  Hair transplant in Naples, FL by Dr.Elizabeth Fox has a graft take of 95%- to 100%.

Our patients usually can receive over 2000 grafts in 4 and a half hours, after two movies and lunch they go home with their post transplant instructions, and a baseball cap or hat- then proceed to normal life.

Hair Restoration in Naples has such a significant affect on perception of age, vitality, and strength. Excellent news is that the transplanted hair does not reduce as one gets older and is considered more permanent hair.

Nonsurgical improvement of hair growth includes the Hair laser Comb which is the only laser FDA approved for hair growth, which means it actually works, also Rogaine and Propecia are proven to improve crown hair growth.

Hair transplant in Naples, FL is a satisfying, wonderful procedure that helps people feel youthful, and empowered again. We truly enjoy taking care of our hair transplant patients and helping them improve how they feel.(See Before and After Images)

Further information is in the press release section Bonita Living where Dr. Elizabeth Fox was asked to write an article on Hair Transplants in Naples,FL.

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