Botox cosmetic is an FDA Approved, simple, nonsurgical treatment that temporarilly smoothes moderate to severe frown lines in the brow.  Dr.Elizabeth Fox can inject Botox in one 10 minute treatment with a few tiny injections to create a noticible difference within a few days.
Botox works by reducing muscle activity that is causing the deep wrinkles in your brow, forehead, and crowsfeet.  Dr.Elizabeth Fox is able to use her skill and experience to use Botox to do many little tricks that make subtle improvements in your appearance.  Dr.Elizabeth Fox has instructed other physicians how to use Botox to get the most benifit and refresh their patients overall appearance.  Injection technique can make all the difference in achieving a natural result with little discomfort and minimal to no downtime.
Elizabeth Fox, MD also uses Botox to treat patients who suffer from excessive sweating.  With a few simple injections, Dr.Elizabeth Fox can help patients become unburdened by wettness and odor caused by excessive sweating.



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