I feel so embarrassed to even bring this up, but I feel so self-conscious about this problem that I have.  Ever since I can remember, my right breast has always been bigger then my left breast.  What can I do?

This is a very common concern that I see consults for several times a week.  Approximately 85 percent of women have some degree of asymmetry.  In order to achieve symmetry, it may be something as simple as using different size implants on each side.  Sometimes, correcting the asymmetry may require using one on one side and doing a breast lift on the other.  It is a great feeling for women to feel symmetric and comfortable with her body.


How do I put this?  The two things that I could count on before I had children have failed me.  Yes, my perky ones are now pointing down south.  I would have run (with a support bra of course) to your office to have a lift, but I guess I am a wimp.  A friend of mine had a lift by you, and I thought her scars were great.  I am just worried about the whole process.

I have good news for you.  A breast lift is a very easy surgery to undergo, with close to no discomfort at all.  In addition, often I increase the upper pole fullness of the breast by doing what is called an autologous lift that places breast tissue at the base onto the upper part of the breast, sometimes avoiding breast implants.  Perky can be easily accomplished with IV sedation in less than two hours.


My wife has always wanted larger breasts, especially after having two kids.  Now it is bathing suit season and she is constantly covering up because she feels she cannot fill out a bathing suit.  I think this would be a great present for her, but how do we decide what size she should be.

During your consultation appointment, we will be able to determine what size of breast she wants.  Next we will discuss the shape of her breast, specifically how she likes the upper parts of her breast, her cleavage and her lateral contourCleavage is so important to patients post-operatively.  My patients not only appreciate the cleavage, but also the size they expect to be after the operation.


I am a 62 year old woman and I have always wanted a breast augmentation.  Am I being silly now to even think about this at my age?  My daughter has breast implants from you and she is so happy with the size and the cleavage.  They actually look like she has natural breast.

Being content with your body and how your clothing fits is something that we all have as a burden or joy throughout the day.  I absolutely believe that our values improve with time it does not decrease.  Because you are older and have been uncomfortable most of your adult life it is even more important to feel good about yourself now.  You deserve to feel the same happiness as your daughter, 62 is now middle aged; many of us will pass our 100th birthday.  I have quite a few patients in their 60’s and 70’s that have better physiques now than they did in their 40’s.


I just recently lost 25 pounds and I am thrilled how my clothes fit me, and I like every part of my body except my breasts.  I am not sure if I need an augmentation or a lift.  What would you suggest?

A lift versus an augmentation is determined by three factors:  the position of the nipple, the amount of volume in your breasts, and whether or not you want a different breast size.  If you require volume and your nipple is not that low, then maybe a simple augmentation is all that you need.  If your nipple is lower that your breast fold then you will require a lift an possibly an augmentation if you want more volume.  If you have good volume, but extra tissue, then just a lift may be all you require.  In this instance we would do an autologous lift where we would use extra tissue at the base and sides of the breast to augment the upper portion to give you better cleavage.

A surgeon in Ohio did my breast augmentation in 1997.  Since then I’ve had children and my breasts are now lower and I’ve lost my cleavage.  I really want to improve how I look.  Do I need a larger augmentation or a breast lift?

If a breast augmentation is what you need, we can do quite a few techniques to improve your cleavage and lift up your breasts by reducing your implant pocket.  Reducing your pocket will enable you to have better cleavage without the necessity of a larger implant.  There are some other questions that will help you decide between an augmentation and a breast lift.  First, it depends on what your ideal size is.  Secondly, you must decide how “perky” you want your breast shape.  This will help you decide between a lift and an augmentation.  If you want perky, smaller breasts then a breast lift may be what you are interested in.  Preoperatively people are concerned about the incisions, however, postoperatively it is not an issue with breast lifts.  I’ll be able to help you make the decision when we meet.


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