Facelift Surgery in Naples,FL

“Looking young not done” Our aging process is unfortunately continuous but can be reversed with several modalities. The most important aspect of Facelift Surgery in Naples, Fl (see before & after images) is to have a natural look.

How does an excellent plastic surgeon perform a natural facelift at the same time as making one look significantly younger and refreshed? Here is the answer. The aging process is a vertical process meaning gravity falls vertically. When plastic surgeons raise the face laterally or diagonally (this is the direction in the endoscopic (see before & after images) facelift through the mouth) then distortion of the face is the result.

If the deeper tissues are elevated vertically then normal beautiful results can occur. Dr. Fox performs facelift (rhytidectomy)in Naples, FL by lifting the deep structures vertically then the upper layers are delicately placed over the youthful structure with no tension. With Facelift Surgery in Naples, FL the jowls, marinonette lines (see before & after images), and malar fat pad are elevated. A refreshed young woman or man is the result

Some patients don’t allow themselves to enjoy the results of a facelift because they see other physician’s facelift results with obvious signs of facelift surgery.

How can we have Facelift Surgery in Naples, FL and look younger without signs of plastic surgery on ones face?. Its simple. The ear incision must be hidden around the tragus without changing the shape of the ear, therefore the scars are basically imperceptible.  All hair areas must stay intact- Dr.Elizabeth Fox doesn’t perform any incisions in the hairline so all hair is preserved. Eye shape must be maintained at all costs! Poor Kenny Rogers had a plastic surgeon shorten his lateral eyelids in order to give it support. There is no reason to do this when transconjunctival blepharoplasty (another name for lower eyelid lift) can be done. (see before & after images)

How long is the facelift result going to last? Every person has a different aging process. However, in order to reduce the signs of aging, certain aspects of facial surgery (see before & after images) must be adhered to.  Facelift Surgery in Naples, FL must be performed by elevating the marionette lines from their insertions (Elizabeth Fox, MD is one of the few surgeons who perform this) so that during the aging process the jowls don’t come back in the same manner as before.

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