On-Site Surgical Facility


We have an AAAA certified on site surgical facility in Naples, FL here at the Fox Plastic Surgery Center to make the surgical experience pleasant and stress-free.  We also have board certified cardiac anesthesiaologist on staff.  Elizabeth Fox, MD is board certified in plastic surgery and uses IV sedation for the anesthesia of her patients. You will be sound asleep; you will not hear anything or feel anything during the procedure. It is not common for patients to get nausea after IV sedation, as is common with general anesthesia.

 We have our own on site surgical facility in Naples, FL therefore we have the flexibility to start earlier, or add on additional surgery days to accommodate our patients.  With an all woman operating room in Naples, FL we can offer nurturing, efficient and experienced plastic surgery patient care

At our on site surgical facility in Naples, FL all of the Surgical Staff are advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certified because Dr. Fox demands only the best for her patients.  We know it can be difficult to schedule life events around surgery. If you have a specific date in mind, please call and speak with our surgical coordinator, we work very hard to accommodate our patients with busy lifestyles.




AAAA Certificate

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Facility License

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