We came to Florida later than usual this year, and with the holidays approaching, I’m wondering what I can do to revitalize my appearance without any major down time before the Christmas party season begins.

A simple filler or Botox correctly placed can have quite significant results. Also, you can do a
micro laser peel to freshen up your appearance and look better in public in about a week.

As an older gentleman, I am not so concerned with people finding out that I’ve had a facelift, but I just don’t want those scary results that you see with some of the male movie stars who used to be attractive and are now barely recognizable.

It’s very important not to do the same procedure for a man and a woman. For men, it is imperative that you retain the masculine features of your appearance while at the same time achieving a totally normal look. You want to avoid changes around the eyes and cheeks that can feminize your appearance, but you want to redefine the jaw line and chin, and finally have a phenomenal neck, which shows strength and vitality.

I notice that your patients’ eye shapes don’t appear to change in your before and after pictures. Why do I see so many people whose eye shapes look different after surgery?

To maintain the lower eyelid shape as much as possible, I utilize a trans conjunctivalble pharo plasty where I maintain as much nerve and muscle tissue as possible. Not only does this maintain the normal appearance of your eyes, but the scar is hidden on the inside of your lower eyelid and is not visible to others. A light laser tightens the outside, and in five days you can be comfortable in public.

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“Your perception of yourself often determines how you live your life. This is reflected not only in your personal self confidence, but your social interactions. Interestingly, you will find that how people perceive you is only an added bonus.”
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