Body Treatment Experiences


What can I say except, “You’re simply the best, better than all the rest!” Many Thanks.
Barbara-Naples, FL (Tummy Tuck)

“Thank you for all you’ve done, I’ve become a more beautiful confident me, because of you!”
R. V. – Fort Myers,FL (Abdominoplasty)

“I wish I had the courage to have my Tummy Tuck performed 10 years ago!  It has been the best decision I have ever made!  Dr.Fox and her staff made the experience so pleasant and comforting for me.  My husband loves my new sexy look!”
D.R.- Naples,FL (Abdominoplasty, Liposuction)

“The best of all the rest, we love you!”
F.L.-Marco Island,FL (Abdominoplasty, Liposuction)

B.B.- Naples,FL (Abdominoplasty)

              I had extensive surgery performed by Dr.Elizabeth Fox in November 2009.  I am extremely satisfied with the results and for any procedures in the future, I would not consider going to anyone else.
             Dr.Fox is everything a great doctor should be, except she has an additional key ingredient missing in so many others.  She truly cares about each and every patient as an individual and you find yourself becoming fast friends within five minutes of meeting her.  She has one goal when treating each patient and that is to think of the patient as an individual who needs special and unique treatment in order for the patient to achieve exactly what they are looking for. 
            She believes in women and their special need for self-esteem and does everything to make sure each and every woman that comes through her door feels special and important.  She knows what each patient needs and goes about achieving it for them.
           She is there for you 24 hours a day and is the first Doctor I have ever known that gives you her home and cell number to call her if you need her during off hours.  That alone tells you a lot about her.
            In addition, her nurses and office personnel are the friendliest and most efficient I have ever known.  They make you feel just as important as Dr.Fox does.
N.S.-Naples, FL (Brazilian Abdominoplasty, Arm Lift, Liposuction)

Dearest Dr.Fox,
      I would just like to thank you all you did for my daughter.  I loved how you approached her and you made her and me feel welcome.  You showed interest in her and concern.  I have been in the healthcare profession for twenty years and I was really overwhelmed and pleased with how you treated us.  We both know that  somehow you made an impact in my daughters’ life in the future…(hopefully she will take up medicine!)  May the Lord richly bless you, your children and Mother.  You are great in what you do, I should say you are gifted!
N.P.- Naples, FL (Scar Reconstruction)


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