An arm lift or brachioplasty is a procedure that reshapes the under portion of your arm.  This procedure is to reduce excess sagging skin that droops downward when the arm is extended away from the body.  There are two types of arm surgery that can be done depending on your needs, a standard brachioplasty has an incision down the length of the inner arm and removes much excess skin and fatty tissue. (see before and after photo)

Dr.Fox also preforms a modern brachioplasty, which has an incision in the axillary or armpit area, this is good to reduce the skin in the front of the arm when your arms are at your sides.  This is a great alternative to the traditional standard brachioplasty and is best for the patient who does not have alot of excess fatty tissue, rather just that “criggly” look from excess skin.
(see before and after photo)




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