Necklift in Naples, Fl

One’s neck is a very important aspect of looking young and fit. Necklift in Naples performed by Dr. Elizabeth Fox makes one proud to have a picture taken and feel fit and athletic.

The neck lift must be accomplished not only in the mid plane under the chin, but also along the mandibular border (jaw) (see before and after images). Thus the platysmal bands will be corrected.

When performing the Necklift in Naples, Fl, Elizabeth Fox, MD does a full platysmaplasty, which includes suturing along the entire jaw line.  Neck Sculpting in Naples also removes fat deposits under the neck by way of liposuction, and tightening the excess skin.  It is very impotant that the skin does no work, thus all of the inner structures are tightened and the skin merely drapes over the inner structures.

A sculpted, well defined neckline makes one look and feel years younger and lets one face the world with renewed confidence.   Take a look at this gentleman, he not only looks younger, but he also dresses as a much younger man after the Necklift in Naples,Fl surgery.
(see before and after images)


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