Breast Surgery

At Fox Plastic Surgery Center, Elizabeth Fox, MD and her staff are dedicated to providing nurturing, skilled patient care. Dr. Elizabeth Fox and her nursing staff will go over everything with you in great detail before your surgery.  We’ve thought of everything, so you will be prepared emotionally and physically for your surgery.  You will want to be home to rest and do very little activity for the first 5-7 days. Here are a few more pointers:

  •  Dr. Fox uses only dissolvable sutures for her patients; all sutures will be under the skin.

  • Dissolvable sutures lead to a better result, less visible scar without stitch marks (see before and after photos). Tape overlying the incisions should remain in place.

  • You will go home with a surgical garment that looks like a tight tube top, it is a pressure dressing. Do not remove the dressing to look at your breasts, keep the dressing clean and dry until it is removed at your first postoperative appointment with Dr.Fox.

  • No strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks to ensure complete healing and until instructed differently by Dr.Elizabeth Fox.

  • When moving about, keep your arms and elbows at your sides.  Do not raise your arms over your head.

  • Return to Dr.Fox as directed for all postoperative appointments. You will need to wear a bra with no metal wires day and night continuously until instructed differently by Dr.Fox.

  • Pain medicine is prescribed for your comfort.  Take medication as directed.


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