Revisional Surgery



Dr. Fox is an expert at revisional surgery; she often performs corrective surgery on women who have had multiple surgeries by other surgeons.  At the Fox Plastic Surgery Center, in Southwest Fl, Dr. Fox takes great care in making your breasts the best that they can be.  Her patients often site the welcoming atmosphere in her office, and say they can feel the genuine concern Dr. Elizabeth Fox and her staff show towards all.  Elizabeth Fox, MD can perform revisonal surgery to:


  • Correct Asymmetry (when one breast is larger than the other)

  • Correct Symmastia (when both breasts connect across the midline)

  • Correct Bottoming out (when a breast implant slips below the natural mammary fold)

  • Correct rippling of implants (can be corrected with a larger sized implant or replacement with silicone implants)



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